Alter Egos:
…in bed

I’ve gotten some kind of plague from the children.  This cannot be happening when I have five million projects due in a very short space of time, but, of course, that’s exactly why it does.  But hey, at least I can work from bed.

Which reminds me – when we went to buy a new mattress recently, I told the sales guy, “it’s very important for me to pick the right one, because I work in bed.” 

And then I see the way he’s looking at me and have to quickly add, “I’m not a hooker or anything.  I’m a writer.”

And then I thought of the Moliere quote, but I quit while i was ahead:

“Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.”


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you’ve got the rhythm…

You’ve got the beat / Mama’s little baby likes it short and sweet / I said my, my, my / I’m once bitten twice shy, baby…

(sorry – had to continued the lyric and give you all the ear worm.  I’m good and giving like that)


 “All women hustle. Women watch faces, voices, gestures, moods.
      “She’s the person who has to survive through cunning.”
            — Marge Piercy, Small Changes, 1973

I forget how much Marge Piercy inspired me back when I’d started writing.  Her poetry is fantastic.  Liberating.  I fell in love with the feel of her words – the rhythm of her sentences.  And really, that’s what writing’s all about.  It’s the rhythm I hear inside my head.  Which means I can’t change my sentence structure or my voice all that much, because it’s the way I hear the story.  It’s what makes some readers love my stuff and some readers not. One person will say it’s well written, another says she can’t understand a thing I wrote.  And I think that speaks to the rhythms, the way you read, the way you hear the story in your head.  It’s nothing to do with grammar or editing or point of view – it’s, do you like the way this author’s words flow or not.  And if you don’t, could be the greatest story in the world and you’re not going to see it because we don’t mesh.

Writing’s a very personal thing – it’s amazing when your words go out into the world and you get emails back with people telling you how much they loved your stuff. But the only thing a writer needs to be focused on is, do you love your stuff and do you enjoy what you’re writing.  If you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to?

Speaking of, I’ve got at least 6K to write today!

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Bound For Keeps cover!

Wanna see?  Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! (Click for larger version 😉

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What’s inspiring me today:

Work is its own cure.  You have to

like it better than being loved.

– from For The Young Who Want To by Marge Piercy

Who I’m hanging out with today:

Prophet smirked.  “I’m what they label ‘not good with authority,’ Tommy.”

“Great.  And it’s Tom.”

“But you’re not an authority figure, so as long as you don’t act like a dick, we shouldn’t have a problem, right, Tommy?”

“Seriously – I’m going to kill you.  If I can’t hide the body well enough, it will still be so worth it going to jail,” Tom muttered as Prophet walked away.

“I heard that,” Prophet called over his shoulder.

“I meant you to.”

Dude, and they PAY me to sit home and have fun with these two…

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here goes nothing

So, I’ve moved from blogspot.  Mainly, because my brain needed the procrastination, and honestly, for writers, I say procrastination’s a good thing and patience, not so much.  Patience is like the worst virtue ever.  Patience makes you put shit off you’ve wanted to do forever, because you’re all like, oh, the longer you wait for it, the better it will be.

Bullshit.  Sometimes you just gotta grab it by the tail and kick it in the ass (props to Supernatural for that one)

Ahem.  So yeah, that’s me – an impatient procrastinator who writes books.  And when I started my original blog, I swore it was just going to be news and stuff like that.  No opinions, because there’s no tolerance for personal opinions out there anymore.  I was going to stay quiet.  Be good.

*sighs* Fuck it.

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Hello world!

Starting the new blog…more to follow.

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