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Mirror Series

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Rule Of Thirds
Rule of Thirds
Book 2
RULE OF THIRDS (Book 2) is an m/m romantic thriller.  The MIRROR SERIES is a thriller / romance series by Stephanie Tyler. All the books in this series are standalone and can be read as such.


Jacoby Razwell has been a grifter, a vic and an FBI agent in WITSEC… He’s also the brother of a serial killer.

Jacoby Razwell comes from a family of gypsies, tramps and thieves…but when he discovers that his sister, Jessica, is a killer, he immediately tries to extricate himself from her. In retaliation, his sister leaves him badly scarred, words of warning carved into his body. He immediately runs to Special Agent Ward Thayer, the man in charge of the unsolved murders that Jacoby knows his sister is behind.

Ward takes him in and puts him under the FBI’s protection. But Jacoby wants more, and, after a year of cooperating with the FBI, he insists on entrance to the Academy. Jacoby completes the training at Quantico with flying colors, and soon he’s hunting Jessica—and other serial killers—next to Ward. They’ve become partners at work and partners at home…until Jessica finds a way to tear them apart.

Now, charged with protecting a witness who has his own dangerous secrets to hide, Jacoby and Ward must attempt to bring Jessica to justice at last, all the while knowing that this time they’ll have to run toward danger and put their lives—and their relationship—on the line.

Note: The first book in the Mirror series, MIRROR ME (m/f), was published by SE Jakes’s alter ego Stephanie Tyler. You can read more about it at
The Mirror series, MIRROR ME is published by SE Jakes's alter ego Stephanie Tyler.  You can read more about it (including Books 1 & 3, which are m/f romance) at