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New Release: RUNNING ON EMPTY (Havoc 3) is available now!

It’s RUNNING ON EMPTY’S release day!  It’s book 3 in the Havoc MC series, and t’s available on Amazon (ebook and print), and Riptide, as well as B&N, Smashwords, iBooks and Kobo.

I write each Havoc MC book as though it’s a standalone, but the characters will all show up in the other books in the series.

Here’s the blurb for Linc and Mercy’s book*:

After years of running wild, Linc might’ve finally run out of road.

After a brutal capture at the hands of the Heathens Motorcycle Club, Linc is just trying to heal, mentally and physically. But he’s got men in his life who are complicating everything. There’s Mercy—a Havoc MC biker and the man he is falling fast for—plus an undercover ATF agent and a rogue Havoc member.

But Mercy’s keeping him at arm’s length, and Linc is spinning. In an attempt to regain his equilibrium, he heads to the bar where he first met Mercy. Night after night, he escapes Havoc bonds and continues down his merry path of mayhem . . . mainly in the hopes that Mercy will give chase.

Since Linc’s capture by his old MC, Mercy’s been dealing with the fallout of his guilt. He’s trying to give Linc space and still watch over him—all without Linc’s knowledge. But with Linc’s old job calling and a threat to Havoc MC heating up, can they make their way back together? *

You can read an excerpt here!

*FYI, I’d mentioned this on Facebook, but for this book and all past Havoc books, Gypsy’s name has been changed to Mercy.  It’s the same character, just a different name.  Riptide is updating all the e-files and you’ll be able to reload previously purchased books with the name change without having to re-buy.

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