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Faux Reality Entertainment reviews Bound For Keeps!

Faux Reality Entertainment (an awesome site for Real Housewives news / investigations, etc) reviewed Bound For Keeps – here’s a highlight: 

The sign of an exceptional love story is one where true romance transcends gender and convention.  SE Jakes delivers such a story, a  story that allows highly skilled warriors the freedom to heal each other while battling the dark side as a united front.

YAY!!!  Read the full review here!!!

And then, the lovely Faux Media got the review some amazing retweets from Lauren Foster (@TheLaurenFoster ) and Jamie Laurita (@chefjmlaurita)!  And then I almost hyperventilated.  Because … Read More »

New Yahoo Group

So, I was asked to join a yahoo loop with an awesome group of m/m authors (and plenty of other m/m authors drop by!) – it’s mainly for stories that are m/m BDSM based.  So think, my Men of Honor series, but I guess in all my books there’s some element of it, although typically not formally.

It’s a very fun, welcoming group and it’s just in the beginning stages. It’s for both readers (cause we love you) and authors (published or unpublished – we’ve already had some authors asking questions and there’s plenty of great experience among the authors … Read More »

revisiting old friends

So I spoke with my Samhain editor last week and Bound To Break, book 6 of the Men of Honor series is a go!  Most likely it will come out the beginning of December of this year, and it’s Rex and Sawyer’s story.  With a twist.

And no, I won’t tell you what that twist is.  Yet.  But in order to write the proposal, I had to revisit Bound By Honor.  Of all my books, that’s the one I reread the most,  and there’s one line in particular that makes me laugh every time I read it or … Read More »

Even more SPS

(aka Shit Prophet Says) – this one’s from BOUND FOR KEEPS which comes out February 19th!!!!!  WOOT!!!  

“You’re the one with the Army connections.”

Reed grabbed his cell phone. iPhone. Whatever the hell it was. He never needed fancy—he just needed it to ring.

And it did. Prophet was on the other end. A good and dangerous man to know.

“Proph, it’s Reed.”

“Boy, you only call when you need a favor.”

“Ditto, asshole. And who the hell are you calling boy?”

Prophet hooted. “Hit me.”

Reed gave him the intel, and Prophet promised he’d have something within twenty-four hours. Read More »