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New Yahoo Group

So, I was asked to join a yahoo loop with an awesome group of m/m authors (and plenty of other m/m authors drop by!) – it’s mainly for stories that are m/m BDSM based.  So think, my Men of Honor series, but I guess in all my books there’s some element of it, although typically not formally.

It’s a very fun, welcoming group and it’s just in the beginning stages. It’s for both readers (cause we love you) and authors (published or unpublished – we’ve already had some authors asking questions and there’s plenty of great experience among the authors who are very helpful on all things BDSM-related).  We’re trying to keep ourselves on a bit of a schedule, so on weekends you’ll be getting excerpts from upcoming and in progress books, Mondays, we’ll talk about new releases, etc.  There will also be giveaways, which are always fun! So come on and join, lurk around for a bit if you’re more comfortable that way and if not, introduce yourself, readers and authors alike!  I was going to say that no one will bite, but hey, you never know…;)

Click here to join the group!  (The actual URL is

This group is comprised of authors who write MMBDSM books and readers who enjoy them!

Our founding authors are: Fyn Alexander, JP Barnaby, Kay Berrisford, James Buchanan, CB Conwy, Jane Davitt, Jeff Erno, SE Jakes, DC Juris, Elizabeth Lister, Ava March, Sean Michael, JA Rock, Jaime Samms, and Lex Valentine.

There are some awesome excerpts up from WIPs if you scroll back.  I’m going through Bound For Keeps to find an excerpt to post there today!



2 comments to “New Yahoo Group”

  1. Lee (Alisa)
    January 29th, 2013 at 9:50 pm · Link

    Oh sounds great! I joined! Thanks for the info…and can’t wait for the excerpt!!! =)

    • SEJakes
      January 30th, 2013 at 2:25 am · Link

      If you scroll back to late yesterday, you’ll find it :):) Thanks for joining – in the next weeks, I think there’s going to be a lot of activity, plus the first BIG giveaway 🙂

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