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IF I EVER releases!!!

If you pre-ordered from Riptide, it’s available now!

Also, Amazon has a pre-order link up as of today as well (altho the paperback is live) and the ebook won’t go live until sometime tomorrow).  I’ll add Barnes & Noble and Kobo as those links populate over the next few days.


IF I EVER: Hell or HighWater 4

Coming January 21, 2019

Some ghosts refuse to stay buried . . .

Prophet and Tom have been through the ringer more times than they can count, both as partners in the field and in life. Yet despite it all,

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Can you suggest a reading order for your books?

Proper reading order is a request I get a lot, so I figured it would be easier to link to it rather than retyping it every time I get asked. And since so many of you ask, I realized that the more books I have, the more complicated this gets. So I’m going to give you two different scenarios below, depending on where you’ve already started.

Option 1:

In the past, I’ve suggested that people read my books in the order I wrote them. This makes the most sense, because as I went along, I mention other characters in different … Read More »

Not Fade Away release day!

NOT FADE AWAY (Hell or High Water 3,5) is available now!  You can grab it at the following links:  (and link will become live as I find them 🙂

Riptide  /  Amazon /  B&N  /   ARe  /     Kobo

***  Not Fade Away

NOT FADE AWAY was always in my contract as a short, which is typically 5K.  But I knew I wanted to see this cover in print and so Prophet and I had a chat and we told a bit more of the story and now, you’ve got a 10K story that you can buy in chapbook form for 3.99!… Read More »

character audiobiographies!

Thanks to the fabulous Lizzie Lane, I’ve got the most awesome character audiobiographies! I’ll post a few each day, but if you go here, you can see them all in one place 🙂

For Daylight Again:

Prophet’s (unofficial) bio

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New website & new cover!!!

Okay, lots of reveals today!  First, thanks to the fabulous Frauke at CrocoDesigns for the new site!  (she’s also responsible for Free Falling’s cover 🙂  I adore the site – and let me tell you, I basically told her what I wanted and she just nailed it on the first try.  I love the panels on the home page and I’ll be able to add for new books and new series, so it’s perfect.

We’re still tweaking some things, so if you see anything that looks weird or needs fixing, just yell.  I don’t think you can comment on individual … Read More »