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A new Stephanie Tyler release!

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here, and I sincerely apologize for that.  I’m finally, really and truly beginning to catch up on things, after forcing life to give me a bit of a breather.

Anyway, as I’ve been doing for the past year plus, I’ve been putting out books that were near to ready, which is why you’re still waiting for Proph’s book, etc.  I’ve gotten lots of (lovely!) emails wondering if that book will ever come out (short answer:  yes) and asking if I’m doing more Steph Tyler than SE Jakes (not really).  … Read More »

Temperance (Defiance Book 4) release day!

Temperance is Book 4 in the Defiance series–it’s one of the SE Jakes writing as Stephanie Tyler titles.  It’s Declan and Rebel’s story that began in Book 3, so it’s an m/m romance with a small m/f subplot. If you’re just reading this book as a standalone, I’ve actually rewritten the ending of book 3 from Rebel and Declan’s point of view for both new readers and as a recap for the regular readers. And yes, the series will continue.  Basically, I introduce this series as Sons of Anarchy meets the Apocalypse.  And it’s New Adult.  And I love … Read More »

Rule of Thirds release day!

Okay, so if you’ve read this post, you’ll know that Rule of Thirds is book 2 in the Mirror Series, which is a series of thrillers with romantic elements (read:  HEAs).  Mirror Me is an m/f and Rule of Thirds is an m/m, which is why it’s published under both the SEJ and Tyler names.

Confused yet?  All you need to know is that every book in this series is completely stand-alone.  And that Rule of Thirds is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes and more!

RULE OF THIRDS:  Book Read More »

broken toes, bus stops & books

So, this happened:


In other news, my child is now taking THE BUS!  This has saved my life.  The moms on the block threw an intervention at the block party a couple of weeks ago for me. I mean, it wasn’t all that dramatic, more like, ‘why the hell are you driving him to school when the bus will DROP HIM OFF AT YOUR HOUSE?!’

I didn’t know that.  And the bus stop is literally three houses down.  There are several other kindergardeners on the bus, along with a fab monitor named Cathy who everyone in the neighborhood knows. … Read More »

Mirror Me and other news…

(I refer to Tyler and SEJ in this post because I’m cross-posting 🙂

I’ve started and stopped this post a million times. But here goes: Lots of family shit = unhappy writer. And my muse doesn’t like things like constant phone calls and hospitals. I can write through a lot of things, but this particular brick wall I ran into (aka my mother)—it just didn’t work.

She’s getting…better. Ish. It’s a lot of complicated shit and a long road ahead. Coupled with the death of my dad last year, it’s just been a lot. I owe a lot of people … Read More »