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Free Falling available on ARe

Okay, so, you can now  buy Free Falling on ARe (All Romance Ebooks) in Mobi and epub versions.  The Sony and Kobo versions are being formatted as we speak SE_FreeFalling_100x150and I will link them here as soon as they go live.

Of course, it’s still available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thanks to all the wonderful readers who’ve already bought!  I’ve gotten such great emails about Blue and Mick 🙂… Read More »

the Dear edition

Dear Sinus infection I knew I’d get from my son, tumblr_me11db9WD11r3gi71o1_500-1

You suck.

Dear Doctor who’s known me and my family FOREVER and still refused to call in a prescription without seeing me even though I get sinus infections constantly,

You suck.

Dear leftover Augmentin RX I found in cabinet with enough pills for 7 days,

I love you!

Dear Postman,

I don’t understand why, when I fill out a carrier pick-up form, I have to say things like, please ring the doorbell and WAIT AT THE DOOR for me to bring you my package.  You are required to wait a … Read More »

It’s here, it’s HERE – Free Falling is here!!!

Well, actually Free Falling is here (Amazon...with no cover.  And I don’t know why)..and it’s now up on B&N (waiting on Apple and I’ll add that link when it goes up.  Go forth and purchase 🙂  SE_FreeFalling_300x450

Sometimes falling in love is the most dangerous thing of all…  

Blue’s a thief who lives for adrenaline and danger. When he meets Mick, a mercenary and a hitter, he feels an immediate attraction. But Mick reneges on a bet they’ve made, leaving Blue pissed and confused.

When they meet again a year later, Blue’s in terrible danger after having walked into Read More »


Thanks so much for everyone who helped spread the word about the contest!!!  I was going to put everyone’s links (including your likes and such) into but my son wanted to help.  So…I wrote down everyone’s names (so if you had 4 entries, your name got put in four times and yes, if you emailed me your links instead of posting them, they were included!) and then my son pulled the names 🙂  And it kept him busy so I thank you all.  It took a long time but it was worth it 🙂 SE_FreeFalling_highres

In the end, there … Read More »