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NUTS is now available!!!

So, if you haven’t heard, NUTS is a novella (26K / 118 pages) that’s part of the Ace’s Wild Series of books – it’s a multi-authored series, and the books (novellas) will all release one week apart for the next several months.  The best part?  For the first 90 days, all proceeds (sales & KU page reads – and, in my case, paperback sales) will go to a LGBTQ charity of the author’s choice.


Jagger’s the son of a bookmaker and fixer. Now, he’s the owner of an exclusive, underground club…and he’s also been put in charge of the

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Can you suggest a reading order for your books?

Proper reading order is a request I get a lot, so I figured it would be easier to link to it rather than retyping it every time I get asked. And since so many of you ask, I realized that the more books I have, the more complicated this gets. So I’m going to give you two different scenarios below, depending on where you’ve already started.

Option 1:

In the past, I’ve suggested that people read my books in the order I wrote them. This makes the most sense, because as I went along, I mention other characters in different … Read More »

Rule of Thirds release day!

Okay, so if you’ve read this post, you’ll know that Rule of Thirds is book 2 in the Mirror Series, which is a series of thrillers with romantic elements (read:  HEAs).  Mirror Me is an m/f and Rule of Thirds is an m/m, which is why it’s published under both the SEJ and Tyler names.

Confused yet?  All you need to know is that every book in this series is completely stand-alone.  And that Rule of Thirds is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes and more!

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broken toes, bus stops & books

So, this happened:


In other news, my child is now taking THE BUS!  This has saved my life.  The moms on the block threw an intervention at the block party a couple of weeks ago for me. I mean, it wasn’t all that dramatic, more like, ‘why the hell are you driving him to school when the bus will DROP HIM OFF AT YOUR HOUSE?!’

I didn’t know that.  And the bus stop is literally three houses down.  There are several other kindergardeners on the bus, along with a fab monitor named Cathy who everyone in the neighborhood knows. … Read More »