Alter Egos:

Faux Reality Entertainment reviews Bound For Keeps!

Faux Reality Entertainment (an awesome site for Real Housewives news / investigations, etc) reviewed Bound For Keeps – here’s a highlight: 

The sign of an exceptional love story is one where true romance transcends gender and convention.  SE Jakes delivers such a story, a  story that allows highly skilled warriors the freedom to heal each other while battling the dark side as a united front.

YAY!!!  Read the full review here!!!

And then, the lovely Faux Media got the review some amazing retweets from Lauren Foster (@TheLaurenFoster ) and Jamie Laurita (@chefjmlaurita)!  And then I almost hyperventilated.  Because Lauren was like OMG and then Jamie?  I adore Real Housewives of New Jersey and I wanted to babble something like, omg I watched your wedding on TV and I was crying and…

But I restrained myself.  I did, however, tell him I liked his tattoos, because HELLO!!!

So follow Faux Reality on their website and on Twitter (@FauxRealityEnt)!  

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