Alter Egos:

here goes nothing

So, I’ve moved from blogspot.  Mainly, because my brain needed the procrastination, and honestly, for writers, I say procrastination’s a good thing and patience, not so much.  Patience is like the worst virtue ever.  Patience makes you put shit off you’ve wanted to do forever, because you’re all like, oh, the longer you wait for it, the better it will be.

Bullshit.  Sometimes you just gotta grab it by the tail and kick it in the ass (props to Supernatural for that one)

Ahem.  So yeah, that’s me – an impatient procrastinator who writes books.  And when I started my original blog, I swore it was just going to be news and stuff like that.  No opinions, because there’s no tolerance for personal opinions out there anymore.  I was going to stay quiet.  Be good.

*sighs* Fuck it.

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