Alter Egos:
Are you SE Jakes? Or Stephanie Tyler? Or Sydney Croft?

I’m actually all three (okay, well, half of Sydney, with Larissa Ione)—and I’ve been writing as Tyler and Croft since I first got published back in 2007. I’ve been writing / published as SE Jakes since March of 2011. Up until May of 2014, I kept the SEJ name very separate from the others (aka, only my publishers and a handful of people knew) for many reasons, but the most important one is that I nearly quit writing. SE Jakes brought me back to life, and I’m forever grateful for that.… Read More »

So, do all your different names write in different genres?

I guess the most important distinction is that SE Jakes writes LGBTQ romance exclusively—m/m romance, to be exact. SEJ writes romantic suspense and contemporary romances.

Stephanie Tyler writes all kinds of romance—romantic suspense, paranormal romance, new adult romance, contemporary romance—all m/f romance with an occasional m/m subplot.

Sydney Croft writes paranormal erotic romance. We’ve called it, “X-men meets erotica.’ And Sydney’s main characters in each of her books is a m/f romance, but there’s a m/m subplot that runs through the entire series.

So there you have it—if you’re looking for m/m romance exclusively, hit up SE Jakes. Mainly into … Read More »

So it says that both SE Jakes and Stephanie Tyler are writing MC (motorcycle series) that share the same universe. Does that mean I have to read both series?

Not at all. The overreaching universe of the MCs will be the same (for example, in my SEJ Havoc books, I will reference the Vipers MC, which is part of the Tyler books, or maybe a shared store or two), but the books themselves won’t have any crossover story lines. The SEJ is a m/m MC series and Tyler’s is a m/f MC series. There will also be all HEAs at the end of every book, no cliffhangers in either series and, as I’ve been explaining to all my readers, you won’t miss any story if you only read one … Read More »