Alter Egos:

So it says that both SE Jakes and Stephanie Tyler are writing MC (motorcycle series) that share the same universe. Does that mean I have to read both series?

Not at all. The overreaching universe of the MCs will be the same (for example, in my SEJ Havoc books, I will reference the Vipers MC, which is part of the Tyler books, or maybe a shared store or two), but the books themselves won’t have any crossover story lines. The SEJ is a m/m MC series and Tyler’s is a m/f MC series. There will also be all HEAs at the end of every book, no cliffhangers in either series and, as I’ve been explaining to all my readers, you won’t miss any story if you only read one or the other. Writing these series wasn’t about bringing readers over to Tyler or Jakes. I just happened to be in this middle of writing Havoc when my Tyler editor asked me to write an m/f MC series for her, and I thought it would be the perfect compliment to revealing that I write under different names.