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So, yesterday, this happened…

From Heroes and Heartbreakers: SE Jakes is Stephanie Tyler

(from the press release:)  RunningWild_Final-3

Today Riptide Publishing, home to LBGTQ fiction, announces that their author SE Jakes is also bestselling author Stephanie Tyler (the Defiance series). (Click here for the rest of the article.)

And then USA Today interviewed…all of me today.

So, I write as SE Jakes, Stephanie Tyler and I co-write (with Larissa Ione) as Sydney Croft.  And I’ll be at RT as…all of them. It’s been a wild and fun ride and I’m thrilled to find out that I’ve got a lot of readers who’ve actually been reading all the names without realizing it. Very cool!

What does this mean for SE? Well, it’s really just business as usual around here. The Tyler Vipers MC books and the SE Jakes Havoc MC books will be sharing an overreaching universe, but there’s no crossover storylines in the books (which means you won’t be missing any of the Havoc story if you only read the SEJ books and vice-versa). But if you’re interested in what Tyler (m/f) or Croft (erotic m/f with a running m/m subplot)  has to offer, you can check out and

And Sydney Croft will also be writing a m/m/m novella for Riptide’s Charity Antho this year, which comes out in November.

DaylightAgain_500x750-1So, I’ve been busy. Good busy, though. And so grateful to Riptide for putting together my whole reveal!  I’ll link to other interviews as they get published!  But writing as SE Jakes has simply been awesome for me – I can’t thank you guys enough for all your support, and I’m thrilled to be bringing you more books this year than ever!

Don’t forget that you can check out the prologue of Havoc at Sinfully Sexy, and that you can still hang out with the Daylight Again tour and be eligible to win a $100 GC to Riptide!  And I’m Riptide’s Featured Author for May, so I’m on sale too!

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