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Catch A Ghost…

…releases at midnight tonight on Riptide’s site!  That’s the benefit of preordering or buying through Riptide, because you get the book two days earlier than the official release date of September 9th.

So CAG should be available around midnight Sunday for download everyplace else (and yes, I’ll be stalking Amazon and the like so I can give you links…)  Also, that’s when the contest post will go up, and the blog tour will start!

Anyway, you know there’s a giant excerpt here, but I thought I’d give you a completely out of context excerpt, just because 🙂  So here goes:

Tom slammed his fist against the heavy industrial steel door, stood back, and waited. He didn’t hear footsteps but he knew when Prophet saw him through the peephole. He could feel it.

He heard bolts moving and then the door slid open quickly, Prophet showing no signs of being in any kind of pain as he pushed.

“How the hell did you get past the security at the front door?” Prophet demanded. “And fuck that, I don’t remember giving you my address.”

“Nice to see you too, Proph.” So much for the warm and fuzzy feelings they’d shared weeks ago over an earpiece during the Eritrea slash foray into Somalia experience. “I used a tracking device. You might be familiar with those.”

“You planted a bug on me?”


“And you don’t think that was wrong?”

“I don’t care.”

Prophet blinked. “Fuck. That’s something I’d say. You’ve been hanging around me too long. But that still doesn’t explain what you’re doing here. Don’t you have a home anymore?”

“You pointed out that my place isn’t one.”

Prophet shrugged as he lounged against the heavy metal door. “You said it works for you.”

“Not anymore. Are you going to leave me standing here or invite me in?”

“You were never not invited.”

“God, I want to hit you.” Tom pushed past Prophet, not touching him as he did so.

“Phil told me I should tattoo Get in line across my forehead to save myself the trouble of constantly saying it.”


#God the man is a pain in the ass and that’s why I love him.

2 comments to “Catch A Ghost…”

  1. ssmommie75
    September 13th, 2013 at 3:37 am · Link

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway, and for sharing your talent as a writer.

  2. Michele
    September 17th, 2013 at 1:59 am · Link

    I just finished Catch A Ghost, and the wait was worth it. I like what little I knew about Proph back when I met him in Bound for Keeps and Free Falling. I really like him now even though he is one F—ed up individual. Tom is simply adorable and I want to hit Proph every time he pushes him away and hurts his feelings. This story was well done but I need closure so I’m waiting on the next book. I hope like hell Cillian is not involved in a bad way in this. And I hope Proph is not going to do something with Cill he will regret forever. I have so many questions…

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