Alter Egos:


Hey guys!  If you’re on Goodreads at all, please join my group 🙂  You can start topics, ask questions, etc.  Or just be my friend and we can dish books 🙂  I’m just starting out there, trying to navigate the waters.  Don’t leave me there all alone…

And, if you’re looking for a quick peek into the upcoming Free Falling (it’s Blue’s book – a novella coming out in November), look no further:

One year earlier

Blue had the hotel safe open and the necklace tucked into his palm when a big hand moved gently over the back of his neck. He stilled, barely breathing, until Mick murmured, “Caught you, fair and square.”

“Not the time,” he said through gritted teeth.

“I think it’s the perfect time.”

“If you fuck this up—”

“I don’t expect you to put it back. Come on, Blue—take your punishment like a big boy,” The bastard was smiling — Blue could feel it as the unease gnawed at his gut.

He never got caught. Never liked giving up control, but for this man…

It would still be hard. But shit, he’d never welched on a bet in his life and he wasn’t about to start now.

They’d been playing catch up for years now, circling each other for business and for the threat of pleasure. And Blue was finally caught.


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