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Sunday, September 1st, 2013

BestsellerIcon100X100CATCH A GHOST is an bestseller!

Catch A Ghost Virtual Blog tour info can be found by clicking the banner below! There will be contests at each stop, plus a grand prize at the end of the tour, so be prepared to follow the tour and leave your comments for more chances to enter!


Catch A Ghost is getting some great reviews! Here’s a sampling:

  • “A whirlwindish, gritty, intense, and deeply passionate hell of a story…As far as I’m concerned, this is the best SE Jakes has ever written and a must-read for fans of the author. For anyone else, if you’re a fan of deeply wounded heroes; strong, sexy, hard-headed manly men (there’s LOTS of HOT sex in this book!); action and fighting and shit blowing up–then go for this book, you can’t go wrong.” (4.75 / 5 from Feliz at Jessewave)
  • “SE Jakes won my unwavering fandom when she wrote the Men Of Honorseries, but I think I may have a new favorite series. If you like flawed men who need each other to heal and can also blow stuff up, then by all means you need to give this a chance.” (5/5 from Jackie at The Novel Approach)
  • “…sexy G.I. Joe play, espionage and he-man hero stuff all rolled in to one very, very sexy package.” (4/5 from Lisa at Attention is Arbitrary)
  • “The first thing that drew me into this story were the rich, multidimensional characters. Cop/Spy/Assassin novels are a dime a dozen in the genre and after awhile it seems you are reading the same book over and over again. This is not that book. These are not those characters. Tom and Prophet are a unique blend of walls and vulnerability. The moment you think you have one of them pegged, they go and surprise you with a bout of truth or unexpected insight. These two play well off of each other with interesting dialogue and gut wrenching emotion.” (From Kathleen at Romancing the Word)

Want to read a GIANT excerpt from Catch A Ghost? Go here!!!