Alter Egos:
Why do you have so many series?

Most of my series overlap. I prefer to keep my series relatively short. I feel like you can pick up any of my series, see a mention of characters from another series and still know what’s going on. You have to think of all my books as being in the same universe. Hence, the Men of Honor guys know Prophet and Mal knows the Havoc guys and…

Well, you get the picture. 🙂

So the Dirty Deed series really begins when Hell or High Water ends.

For the most part, I lay out the series before contracting it. I like … Read More »

Who are your publishers?

Currently, I’m publishing with Riptide Publishing and self-publishing.  I’ve published with Samhain Publishing before they closed and my rights have reverted back to me, so all those books are still available.… Read More »

Who helps you with your self-published books?

My self-published books are edited by Sarah Frantz of Alphabet Editing. They are also proofread (post-copy editing) by Sharon Muha. I highly recommend both of them… Read More »

Why are you self publishing?

I think any author in today’s market needs to be as diverse with their career as possible. I love writing for Samhain and Riptide and will continue to do so, but self-publishing is a way for me to get more books to my readers per year. I write fast … Read More »