Alter Egos:

Is FREE FALLING connected to the Hell or Highwater series with Prophet? If so, why isn’t it labeled as such?

I self-published FREE FALLING in December of 2012. I worked with Sarah Frantz, who was freelance editing. After she ended up buying the Hell or High Water series for Riptide Publishing, we decided to bring Free Falling into the Riptide family as well.

FREE FALLING is set in the same world as the Hell or High Water (aka Prophet’s) series – all the men work at EE, Ltd. In fact, Prophet also makes an appearance in BOUND FOR KEEPS: Men of Honor book 5, because some of the characters work for EE, Ltd as well. However, FREE FALLING is a completely stand-alone read – you don’t have to have read it to enjoy Prophet’s series and vice-versa. The only reason it’s not labeled a Hell or High Water book is because those books are a series that includes only the books where Prophet and Tom are the main characters. So basically, I’ll be adding to both the EE Ltd series AND the Hell or High Water series. For you, it just means MORE BOOKS!!!