Alter Egos:

Is DIRTY DEEDS # 1 a Hell or High Water book or part of the Dirty Deeds series?

Technically, it’s actually both, since it falls under the EE, Ltd category, along with FREE FALLING & the Hell or High Water series (and BOUND FOR KEEPS). I’ll explain: DIRTY DEEDS #1 is a novella (about 22K). It was supposed to be a Prophet / Tommy short way back when I contracted Prophet’s series, but then my editor was like, ‘what about Mal and Cillian?” So basically, the first DD is a short that runs along the timeline for Hell or High Water # 3. It takes place over 4 days. And then, DIRTY LIES and DIRTY LOVE will come out POST Hell or High Water, and they will have their own (non-Prophet) plot. I hope that makes sense? DIRTY DEEDS # 1 is standalone, but I think if you’ve read CATCH A GHOST and LONG TIME GONE, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the guys. But all my books are connected – my books all take place in one large, overreaching universe.